A faith promoting experience on the side of the road…

This afternoon, as I was driving back from Sunday church services in Winchester, I passed as I have done many, many times the roadside memorial of two friends that were killed in a car accident driving between Hursley and Ampfield two years ago.  As I came up on the spot where the memorial now stands, a plaque and messages attached to a tree, a car pulled up and a couple got out with fresh flowers to place there.  I drove past but felt the urge and complusion to turn around and go back and just say hello and pass on my best wishes. 

I am so glad I did, as I reached Ampfield I turned around and went back the couple of miles to the spot where I met with the couple who are the parents of one of the two friends who was killed on that day two years ago.  We chatted together for a few moments and shared a smile and some thoughts together on the importance of family.  I was impressed by the faith they both displayed in those few moments we spent together. 

We spoke about how I as a regular commuter along that stretch of road, remembered when the flowers appeared and how they have continued to be there.  The hope is that the flowers act as a reminder that life is precious and to take care. 

What impressed me the most about this couple as we spoke on the side of the road is how even after such a tragedy in their life, they were able to express thanks and gratitude for their son and their other children to God.   Today their faith strengthened mine, I have not had to endure that trial of losing a loved one in such circumstances and there are many who have.  I don’t know if I could be as strong as that, if I didn’t have the knowledge that I have, of a plan of happiness that God, our Heavenly Father has for us all, that means that the family unit can be eternal, in fact is designed to be so.  This knowledge through the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by his Church on earth, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has brought me great comfort in my life, which I hope can be a comfort to many others.