A New Year, A new Start blogging, Some tough News

Although I am an avid journal keeper, I have not been an avid blogger as can be seen by the infrequent updates that are added to this website.

My last post on this website was following the successful 3 Peaks challenge that my son and I along with 4 other friends completed in June 2012.  Back then we raised over £4000 for national and local charities, one of which is Piam Brown Oncology unit in Southampton Hospital.  The little girl that I mentioned in that post who was being treated at Piam Brown has since made a full recovery after some intense and difficult experiences.

Just this weekend, it has become apparent that the Piam Brown unit will once again play a significant part in the lives of another family in my congregation here in the South of England as their little girl faces a battle with cancer. It will be another difficult and intense journey and they are at the stage right now where they do not know what the outcome will be.

It is very humbling and heartwarming to know that there are trained caring professionals like those in Piam Brown who will provide excellent medical care and equally important family support.

So spare a thought and a prayer for this family and the many others like them who face these sorts of battles and family trials.

It becomes very important to me, that when faced with mortality in such a way, that my faith, belief and knowledge of principles of eternity provide comfort and support. Indeed my faith even helps me make some sense of things and situations which otherwise would not make sense.

If you are one of those having to come to terms with ones own mortality or suffering bereavement, perhaps there may be aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ that may bring you comfort and support. You can explore these beliefs by using the following link http://mormon.org.uk/beliefs/plan-of-salvation or get in touch using this website.