It was Lisa who introduced me to Scuba diving when we were dating, although I didn’t try it myself for another 6 years.   During the time we were dating Lisa went back to Bahrain for a couple of weeks with her Dad and whilst there she went diving in Jeddah, they hired a camera and took a couple of shots that she brought back with her.  This was my first introduction to the underwater world.  Up till then my main hobby had been walking or hiking and so she explained diving, as instead of starting at the bottom you start at the top and work down.


So in Jan 2004 we booked to go to Cyprus with all the family to see my brother who was stationed in the RAF there.  We thought it would be a bit of fun for me to get my PADI open water before we went out there and then we could go diving together.  So in the February and March 2004 I learned to dive in a pool in Reading and Windsor and then went to Horsea island to do my qualifying dives.  The water temp was 8 deg and I wasn’t perturbed.  From the moment I first put my head under the water and realised that with this equipment I could breathe underwater I was hooked.