In August 2017, I completed the 7 day cycling event in Europe called the Haute Route  to raise money for the Team Type 1 Foundation, a charity dedicated to “instill hope and inspiration for people around the world affected by diabetes”.


My goal was to raise £5000 and in the end I reached just over £4000 for Team Type 1, thank you to all those who supported the effort.  As part of the training and getting race fit in 2016 I rode 11,000km and over 100,000m of hill climbing.   This training continued into 2017 balancing the training with my work and family commitments reaching 10,000 miles (16,000km) in July 2017.

Click on recent posts for details of the training and fundraising activities.

A change in work assignments means I am traveling for work a lot more than I did in 2016 and getting the time to train has become a lot harder. So where possible I am trying to take my bike with me to continue the training and will keep this website up to date with regular posts of cycling in the different regions.

As part of the training in 2017 I have visited Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Japan, India, Dubai, France and Spain with my bike.  To read the posts on here about these trips and the training I am doing search on this website using the hashtag #cycling .

The route for the 2017 edition of the Haute Route-Alps climbed from Nice on the south coast of france over mountain passes made famous by the Tour de France to Geneva in the heart of the Swiss Alps.   Click here for a post on the details of each stage.

The 2017 Haute Route Alps route.  900km, 22,000m over 7 days. For more detail on the route read this blog post – The 2017 Alps Haute Route Challenge


If you are a local cyclist or business and want to get involved, please get in contact.

Thank you to all those who donated and helped me raise over £4000 for Team Type 1


About Team Type 1 Foundation

TT1logo2TT1 is a nonprofit organization pursuing a mission across the world; to provide education for people with diabetes about how to better manage diabetes; to fund scholarships for athletes with Type 1 diabetes for their further education; to consult with governments and advocate for policy changes that will provide better health care for their population with diabetes; and to ensure access to medicine and tools around the world

By merging a passion for cycling and a mission to raise diabetes awareness, TT1 established the first men’s professional cycling team to include athletes with type 1 diabetes, which was built into a world-class cycling program.

To find out a little more about Team Type 1 Foundation and what they do, visit


About the Haute Routehaute-route-logo

The Haute Route is the first global series of multi-day cycling events for amateurs. Whether it’s in Colorado’s Rockies, the French Alps, Pyrenees or Italian Dolomites, these are the highest, toughest and most prestigious amateur races in the world.

What is the Haute Route exactly? The basic facts can be easily stated – the Haute Route cycling events are the highest and toughest cyclosportives in the world for amateur riders, prestigious and professionally run seven day road races, timed and ranked, across Europe’s iconic cols. The three Haute Route events each cover over 800 km, climb more than 20,000 vertical metres, and traverse the greatest cycling terrain in the world – the Dolomites and the Swiss Alps, the French Alps and the Pyrenees. But these basic facts do not portray the sheer magnitude of the challenge, the overwhelming beauty of the landscapes nor the multi-faceted human story of the riders themselves that demonstrate sport really does have the power to change each of us.

The Haute Route events push the boundaries of human endurance to the edge and in doing so create a very special atmosphere. The peloton is home to many different nationalities with many of the riders crossing oceans to arrive in Europe’s legendary mountains and the spectrum of ability and experience is vast.