A couple of things have come up in the last 10 days that have been a bit of a bump in the road in the preparations for Haute Route next month.

First of all, my local doctors surgery Alma Road Surgery in Romsey, decided that they would no longer provide a medical certificate/doctors signature to allow me to participate.   Not that this was something they were not allowed to do but simply decided they don’t want to do it anymore as a practice as three years ago they were willing to do it for a fee. So as a result I have had to change doctors surgery to one that is willing to do these things, and register with a new GP, but being somewhat pressed for time, it may be a close call to get my medical form signed in time.  An unnecessary impediment, which is a real inconvenience, but at least I now know for the future.  The frustrating thing is I have been with that GP surgery for 20 years since moving to Romsey.  My doctor actually retired in that time and I didn’t find out for 4 years, that’s how often I have had to go to the GP.

Then on the same day I find out that my bike has a terminal problem with the frame at the bottom bracket causing the drivechain (the pedals and front mechanism) to move up and down when pedaling (not just round).  The upshot being that it  necessitates a whole new frame.   This is where it pays to buy from a reputable bike shop and authorised dealer. The other advantage of buying from my local bike shop is that they know me and they know the riding I do, so they were able to make a quick call to the distributors and manufacturers, explain the problem and it is being sorted under warranty.

So in a few days I should have my rebuilt bike back and be back on the road on that.  In the meantime, I have dusted off my trusty aluminium winter road bike, the original bike that got me back riding and am putting the miles back on that one.


Thanks to Tony, Chris and the team at The Bike Centre for keeping me on the road and working with Tifosi bikes to get my bike rebuilt in time for the Haute Route.

bc main red

As a little postscript to this story, I had my NHS over 40 healthcheck at my new surgery this week (incidentally I would have had to wait until September with Alma Road) and my risk factor of having a heart attack in the next 10 years is 1.48% .  So I should be ok.



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