As part of the fundraising effort for the   Team Type 1 Foundation Haute Route in 2017, there is the opportunity for local and wider businesses to sponsor my training kit and get visibility on the roads of Hampshire and London.

During August I have been conducting a count of vehicles that pass by me on my regular commutes to and from work.   It astounded me, that even allowing for the inconsistencies in my counting (very manual) that a minimum of 1000 cars, buses, lorries and motorbikes pass by me each day. With so many “eyeballs” on me (hopefully paying attention so as not to knock me off my bike) having a training kit which showcases those companies and businesses supporting me seemed like a good idea.

There are several options for sponsorship, from single sponsor on a jersey, shorts or jacket through to being one of a number of sponsors on a piece of clothing.  All that is needed is a high resolution copy of the company logo to go on the item.

The image above shows a mock up of how it could look and is for illustrative purposes only.    Thanks to Owayo Clothing for assisting in providing the renders and clothing samples.

Once completed a limited run of clothing will be available to buy online and at my local bike shop The Bike Centre in North Baddersley, Hampshire.  Prices will depend on the number of people interested and all proceeds will go towards fundraising for Team Type 1.

Local businesses or anyone interested in becoming a kit sponsor can get in touch with me via  to discuss options.

The journey wheel below courtesy of  shows the regular journeys I make on the bike on Hampshire’s roads and the sort of coverage sponsors will get.



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