I really struggled to get any sleep last night. The incredibly sad news of the murder of Jo Cox MP yesterday has unnerved me somewhat. There are no words to adequately give comfort to her family, her husband and children. A life cut tragically short.

What has unnerved me is what this heinous crime represents  a horrible low point in a Britain that is divided.  There are many truths and facts yet to emerge from what occurred on Thursday and the motivation is not clear yet. I am though unnerved by some of the reaction, commentary and rhetoric that seems to have come to represent the United Kingdom. Hate and divisiveness seem to rule at the moment and the shocking events of yesterday just underline this.

I have always been a strong believer that this nation is at it’s core filled with decent good people regardless of their enthicity, race or religion. I have held the belief that this shy majority will keep the country of my birth and home on the perverbial straight and narrow. For the first time in my life yesterday evening I for a moment doubted that and it kept me awake last night. This Kingdom doesn’t feel United and I am struggling to find the Great in Britain.

This morning I am more hopeful again. Why, I suppose because I still hold on to a modicum of faith in the people of this island nation. I still believe in the shy, non vocal majority who seek to make the world a good place for them, their families and their communities. I hope their voice is heard and hearkened too amongst the clutter of noise of devision and hate.

Our nation’s leaders need to lead and not scaremonger, they need to step above the politics of personal gain and focus again on the politics of making this world a better, safer place beyond the realms of a border that has been defined by its coast.
Alex Massie writing in the Spectator yesterday called this day A day of infamy He notes that even lone lunatics don’t operate in a bubble but are influenced by outside events.

I have witnessed how this referendum has brought out the worse in some people, some people who I thought I knew well.  That sickens me, that outside events have had such an influence.

The editorial piece by the Guardian ended with this comment

The idealism of Ms Cox was the very antithesis of such brutal cynicism. Honour her memory. Because the values and the commitment that she embodied are all that we have to keep barbarism at bay.

I hope this country does not descend any lower. I want to keep my faith in the good of people.

Image courtesy of bbc.co.uk. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-36555996



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