Four years ago, my son Scott and I along with a couple of friends completed the 3 peaks challenge for various charities.  We raised over £4000 in the process.   Now a couple of years on, I have been looking for another challenge in which to raise money for charity and motivate me along in the process.

As a keen cyclist I wanted that challenge to involve cycling and so I began looking around and  found the Haute Route cycling events and began discussions with their charity partner Team Type 1 Foundation.
The Haute Route is billed as the one of the toughest amateur cycling events that someone like me can participate in.   HROG2016
There are currently three different Haute Routes available:

  • Pyrenees,Anglet to Toulouse, 7 stages over  7 days 800Km, 20,000m+ of climbing.  Daily distances range from a 16km Time Trial to over 160Km.
  • Alps, Nice to Geneva 7 stages over 7 days 800+km, 21,000m + of climbing. Includes an 18km Time Trial & average daily climbing of 3000+m
  •  Dolomites, Geneva to Venice, 7 stages over 7 days, 900km, 21000m+ of climbing, Time trial of 21km up the Stelvio, & 3000+m a day climbing.
  • A fourth route will be added in 2017 in the Rocky Mountains.

So in August/September 2017, the plan is to ride in one of their  European 7 day editions to raise money for the Team Type 1 Foundation, a charity dedicated to “instill hope and inspiration for people around the world affected by diabetes”.

The target is to raise $25,000 which will be about the sum total of kilometers ridden and metres climbed that I will need to cover to train for the event. In 2016 I will hopefully cover about 10,000 km and 150,000m (currently at 4500km and 52,000m)

As part of this training for the main event next year, each month I will be doing something different to motivate myself and raise money along the way.

So far in 2016 I have completed the following training activities.

  • January – 600Km and 8000m of climbing
  • February -700km & 8500m of climbing
  • March – 800km & 8500m of climbing
  • April – Tour of Flanders Sportive 230km in one day.   Also 850km & 7900m of climbing during the month.
  • May – Farley Mount Hill (210km & 4500m in one day) – A total of 1,350km & 18,000m of climbing during the month.

For June the goal is to get the kilometers and the fundraising to match.  To be on target for the 10,000 km in 2016 I need to have reached 5000km by the end of June.   It would be great to also get to $5000 fundraising in that same time.

I am looking for individual, organisational and corporate sponsorship to aid in this fundraising effort.  So if you are interested please get in touch.

Individuals can help in the fundraising by pledging via the justgiving page – Link here.

If you are a local business or organisation and would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities, such as shirt sponsorship as I train around Hampshire and other areas in the run up to the event next year, please contact me via the Facebook page for fundraising or emailing direct.

If you are local cyclist and want to get involved, please get in contact.

Thanks for your help.TT1_logo

To find out a little more about Team Type 1 Foundation and what they do, visit



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