Two years ago, I posted a couple of blog posts (Too close on the commute; The Cycle Commute & 10 things I’ve learned ), on this website about starting out cycling and in particular commuting to work on the bike.

Well two years and 10,000 miles later, I thought it would be worth an update or a continuation of the theme.  I plan to do a couple of posts on the 10,000 miles later theme, here is the first.


Having switched jobs again and now find myself cycling in London much more, I became acquainted with the London Cycling Campaign and their various initiatives to make London a safer city to cycle in.  One campaign, Space for Cycling, also has a national and local counterparts and often the hashtag #space4cycling or #spaceforcycling appears in social media channels.

fbpostOver the last two years I have seen lots of video clips and read numerous accounts of cyclists being hit by cars or near misses, cycle rage, road rage, motorist vs cyclist etc.  I have been blessed to mainly stay out of trouble but increasing felt it wise to invest in a small on-bike camera as near misses and the amount of time I spend on the bike increases the probability of an incident.   And so it has been, recently I posted a small clip on social media of a close call I had, ironically not in London where I would expect but on the route into Winchester.

Filmed on my way to work yesterday morning just outside of Winchester #space4cycling

Posted by Mark Gilmour on Tuesday, 1 March 2016

And there have been other incidents not captured on camera of people in cars deliberately trying to scare, intimidate or being totally inconsiderate of another vulnerable road user.  I am now a fairly confident and capable cyclist and can deal with most things, but I have been particularly incensed when out on bike rides with my children and motorists shout and scream out of the window or drive far too close to us as cyclists.   I just don’t get it, I am a motorist too, even before I became an avid cyclist I didn’t try and run them off the road.  The same applies to horse riders or learner drivers, why would someone try to exert pressure or negative influence on them on the road .  It just seems to be another indication of a lack of compassion, understanding and caring for others.

So if you are driver, please give the cyclist a bit of room……



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