20140218-084225.jpgAt the weekend I met Daniel Raven-Ellison self proclaimed guerrilla geographer and his 10 year old son Seb.
They were presenting on the Travel Adventure stage of the Outdoor show and speaking about their recent adventures together, 125 of them to celebrate 125 years of the National Geographic magazine.
Teaming up with Toyota who provided them with a car they embarked on 125 different adventures across the UK. They ranged from a 100mph zip wire experience in Wales to mushroom identification in the new forest.

It was the diversity of the activities and differing demands on time and money that have inspired me to create our own list of activities to do as a family. Whether they be lavish one off activities or micro-adventures there are plenty of adventures to get up to on any budget.
The list will contain some of those off the 125 but I am sure will include some of our own. (Some we have already done and done lots like the diving @Porthkerris divers –Adventure 22 )

I’ll let you know how we get on.


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