Making a small difference.

Yesterday my 11 year old daughter had her hair cut, not normally a blog post event, however she was doing it for a reason.
Her cut hair will be used to create a real hair wig for children undergoing treatment for cancer. She was inspired to do this because of a 5 year old friend who has recently begun very intense treatment for cancer.

The hair is donated to the Little Princess Trust who organise for the creation of the wig. It also costs about £350 per wig and so my daughter has also been raising that as well so that she can donate the hair and the funds to create a wig.

And so yesterday she had over 7 inches taken off her hair and she is £25 short of her target. So if you can help support this cause pop along to her just-giving webpage and donate a few pounds to help.

Click on the picture below to be taken to the video clip.



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