Two more great reasons to do the 3 Peaks 24 hour Challenge

In this blog entry, I wanted to share a little background into why we chose two more of the charities we completed the national 3 peaks challenge for.

Piam Brown Oncology Unit at Southampton Hospital.

As readers of my website will be aware I am an ecclesiastical leader for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints here in the south of the UK. One of my congregation is a little 3 year old girl who lives near Portsmouth. Just about a year ago she was diagnosed with Leukaemia and has been treated by the fantastic staff at Piam Brown in Southampton & also QA in Portsmouth. As a local church we have been involved in several projects to raise funds or provide a little bit of service by way of thanks back to Piam Brown for their help so far. One particularly gratifying act of service was to provide over 100 Easter baskets for the children and their families in Piam Brown over Easter. We were delighted to be able to assist them in this little bit of thoughtfulness and kindness that the staff there provide.
And so Piam Brown was a instant choice for us as one of our chosen charities.
And the little 3 year old is progressing well in her treatment.

Cancer Research UK

Aligned with our desire to support Piam Brown we also wanted to provide a little support to the national cancer charity, cancer research UK. Each member of the team knows of at least one individual who has suffered with cancer. A family member of a very close work colleague is at this moment battling with cancer and it is likely to win that fight. It is an ailment that afflicts so many and the advances in detection, treatment, prevention, cure and support cannot come soon enough.

So each of these charities has been chosen for a very personal reason, there is a story behind each one of them. It is part of what spurred us on to complete the challenge within the 24 hour time limit with just over 30 minutes to spare.

Please share these posts and also our links to help us raise a combined fundraising total of over £4000.

Many thanks

You can sponsor our team who completed the challenge online by visiting
Follow our progress, training and preparations on our Facebook page FB/3Peaks2012 or twitter @3Peaks2012


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