One of 5 reasons to do the national 3 Peaks Challenge.

I have always enjoyed hiking in the hills since I went on a hike up Snowdon when I was 12 years old. It was another few years before I got the opportunity to walk the hills when I was serving a mission in Austria for the Church I belong to. On our days off we would take the opportunity to find the nearest hill, there are a few around in Austria and go and hike to the top.
Over the last few years walking trips have been restricted to the Southern Uplands when we have been visiting family in Scotland each Easter.

One of those things that I have always wanted to do is to complete the national 3 Peaks challenge. My brother did the challenge a couple of years ago with some of his friends from the forces.
This year a friend (Steve T) from our local church congregation suggested he would like to have another go at the challenge and I jumped at the chance. My son, Scott also proposed that he was capable of doing the challenge and so a plan was hatched. Two other like-minded individuals (John & Ian) from our local church volunteered and we had a team. It was quickly decided that for a successful challenge we would need someone who would take care of the driving (Steve G) and so with 5 walkers and a driver the team was complete.


With Scott on the walking team it spawned the idea that with 5 walkers we could raise money for 5 charities and Scott’s choice was a no-brainer. When he was 2 years old a family moved into our street in Romsey. They had a young boy called Nick, a year older than Scott who suffered from a genetic ailment called Barth Syndrome. We knew very little about this disease and this was common, the syndrome had only recently been discovered and more information was being discovered. This genetic condition affecting only boys can cause the following symptoms: see the medical brochure

● Cardiomyopathy – Heart failure or heart muscle weakness
● Neutropenia – weakness in the immune system (specifically reduced “neutrophils”, a type of white blood cell used in fighting bacterial infections)
● Muscle Weakness and General Fatigue
● Growth Delay – that can be substantial until late teenage years

They became best friends (this is them today)
and so for Scott the opportunity to raise money for his best friends charity which is led by Nick’s mother Michaela is a privilege. Scott is doing something that because of his condition Nick would never be able to do.

Scott is completing the challenge to raise money for Barth Syndrome Trust, a charity that is set up to help diagnosis, fund research and provide support to families with Barth boys.

This is just one of five good reasons to do the challenge.

You can sponsor Scott and the others doing the challenge online by visiting
Follow our progress, training and preparations on our Facebook page FB/3Peaks2012 or twitter @3Peaks2012


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