The news over the last few days has been very disturbing. We have seen pockets of lawlessness, selfishness & violence erupt on the streets of cities and communities across the country. There has been lots of commentary on the effectiveness of the policing and handling of the violence and I am in no position to pass any sort of comment or judgment on that. I only know I am glad I am not having to deal with the front line policing, what a tremendously difficult job they have.
The reason I feel the urge to write this blog post as I sit on the train travelling to work is that I worry that this very vocal minority of “ferrule rats” as they were described yesterday by one lady effected directly by the looting, rioting and vandalism, is a glimpse into a worrying future should the present path of slowing eroding the values & strengths of family living.

The family unit is indeed the core unit of society, there have been cries out in the news media over these last few days, where are the parents of these youth? And this is a good question, but it could have a worrying answer. Are these children disenfranchised from not only society but also their family? The worry is that they have no sense of belonging anywhere but with their peers. At present that means being involved in a bit of fun on the streets. Each one of the people, whether old or young belong to a family unit of some description, that unit may not conform to traditional image of the family but they will be a family nonetheless. What are we doing as a society to make sure that our family units are not crushed under the weight of external pressures? If The evidence lies across the streets of Tottenham, Croydon, Brixton, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Salford, Bristol & other areas, then the answer is not enough. Do families get enough time to build their relationships? Is our society demonstrating to our children that what is important is what phone, car, house, tv, gadget, clothing, possessions you have, rather than the relationships you cultivate. It would appear that the driver for all this trouble at the moment is not politically or ideologically motivated but is motivated by greed and the desire to accumulate possessions bupy any means necessary.

I am still of the opinion that the trouble we see in England at the moment is as the result of a few and that these few do not represent the majority. The reports yesterday of social media being used by good mannered, responsible individuals to organise bands of people, again young people to facilitate the clean up in parts of London is evidence for me to back up this opinion.
But perhaps the silenced majority need to make more of a noise and stand up and say enough now, now we must safeguard the values that bind a society, the values that are seeded & cultivated in homes (not houses) up and down the country.

Steps down of his virtual soapbox and gets of the train……


One thought on “Troubles

  1. Amen! I’ve heard friends blaming the riots on the huge inequalities in our society, and even on single parenthood but I disagree. There have always been inequalities, and to some greater or lesser extent single parenthood (the second world war saw many mothers raising children alone) but it is the lack of teaching by families which has led to these riots. That and the feeling of entitlement which is so rife in our country today. Why is it that people think that they are entitled to money that haven’t earned, trainers they cannot afford, home that they cannot pay for? I believe in the welfare state (though it needs an overhaul) but I also believe that we should be grateful for the help we receive from taxpayers money, and realise that we are NOT entitled to things we have not worked for. Parents need to teach their kids gratitude, respect, hard work, that’s what will solve the problems we face today. And as for the idea that these riots are in any way a protest for the shooting of the unfortunate man earlier this week – how is theft, vandalism, violence and anarchy in any way a tribute to his life?

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