Time for change….. of phone

So my Nokia N97 gave up on me this week, the facia around the edge fell off whilst on a call and then a few days later the glass screen started to peel away and now the touch screen doesn’t work. So following a deep reset, its gone off for repair. I am currently without smart phone , relegated to standard issue Sony Ericsson T715.

I have a first generation iPod touch and attached to my mi-fi dongle it gives me the mobility but somehow it is not the same.

How I miss the push email alerts from the Profimail app on the N97 or the polling of tweets via the outstanding Gravity twitter app for symbian phones.

On the first generation iPod touch without multi-tasking (this was introduced in IOS 4.0 which is not available on the 1st Gen touch) twitter just isn’t the same experience.

So this is the opportunity to look at a new phone.

The important question Android or Apple IOS

I like the look of the new SonyEricsson Xperia ARC, pictured on the right, having had a look at one of the test models here in our building, it looks stunning and has a decent sized screen for touchscreen use.  I haven’t had the opportunity to use it in earnest yet but from the limited demo I saw  the screen quality is evident (possibly due to the Bravia Engine) and the processor speed light years ahead of the N97.

I have loved having my N97, it has been fantastic as a mobile computing device, but things really have moved on…

Speaking of moving on,  had a play with my first 3D smartphone today…


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