Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all who read my blog.

 This time of year seems to bring a wave of optimism throughout, especially when collectively we have endured one of the more difficult years. I am sure that 2009 will be remembered by many as a bit of a mixed bag, the national & international perspective will be as a year of recession, depression and financial instability, but personally & individually there will be heartwarming experiences for which 2009 will be remembered most fondly, perhaps the birth of a child, a marriage, the recovery of a loved one or some other equally enriching experience.    In the midst of national, political or financial turmoil, there will hopefully be in everyones lives this past year an oasis of happiness, joy and fulfillment to offset and perhaps dwarf the negative.

I have always been a secret admirer of the US thanksgiving day and the sentiment upon which it is based, even though like Christmas,  New Year or Easter holidays it may sometimes be overidden by commericalism.  The sentiment to look back upon the recent past and evaluate the present and be thankful for what one has and the opportunities given rather than what one does not have or opportunities missed.  Perhaps it is a tactic that can be deployed by each of us now to help put into prespective our relative situations.

I will remember 2009 as one of the busiest periods I have yet lived through in my professional life.   It has been an interesting dicohtemy to be involved in a project that has been running at full pace in an environment of recession.  Inevitably throughout this year conversations in my social circles are drawn towards ones employment and it’s current position in global recession.  I have heard of friends and acquaintances whose businesses or markets have completely vanished within months, weeks or even days.  It has been very sobering to have these discussions and has kept me grounded when contemplating my own situation. 

I will remember 2009 for the oasis of happiness and joy that have been created throughout the year and it doesn’t take me too long to remember a whole host of such oasis in the year.  them and I hope that anyone taking the time to read these few words will also be able to recount theirs from this past year.

Happy new year to you, may 2010 be bright and full of joy, the  realisation of such has a lot to do with yours and my perspective.


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