Not an iPhone but not a bad option – The Nokia N97

And Ok so as I was blogging the match report for the Under 10’s football team that my son plays for I reflected on the process I was using to do so. The scene is familar to many and fairly typical, parents and families standing on the sidelines cheering and offering advice and instruction, we’re all capable of managing top flight football teams weren’t you aware. In between the cheers and shouts I am there tapping away my thoughts into my 3G Nokia N97. The ball is cleared up the field the defender misses it, the ball bobbles on the uneven pitch and beats the keeper who is dwarfed by this goal behind him. I tap onto the keyboard .. “a thunderous shot from half way beats the defense and the back of the net bludges 1-0” I then go up a few lines and recap on the build up and snap a shot using the 5megapixel on board camera. The picture quality is acceptable from the phone and I email it directly to the flickr link that is set up for the team and it’s up on the blog before half time oranges are dispensed.

The final whistle goes and I have a quick check through what I have written, there are only a couple of spelling mistakes or phantom ‘m’s dotted through the sentances where instead of hitting the spacebar that is located to the right of the keyboard on the N97 and not on a 4th row as with a full size qwerty. So i decide it’s good enough to go straight on the blog and so email it to my wordpress email address as I am doing with this post and it’s there on the blog.

When I joined 3UK in 2001 is this what I envisaged I would be using a 3G phone for? All the talk then was video calling and what would be the killer app. It would seem there is no one killer app but many…. I used profimail to write and send the text of my blog entry, gravity to tweet about it, photobrowser to pick the right picture to send.
Maybe next time I’ll use the you tube app and upload a video clip of the goal to the blog.
It seems to me that the killer app is just our insatiable need for bandwidth fuelled by a desire to access all we can on the move via our mobile devices. These devices such as the iPhone or this N97 that I am typing on now are packed with little goodies with which to consume bandwidth, they add wifi connectivity to such devices and so we become accustomed to broadband speeds and expect the same when we are travelling on the bus, train or sat in a field camping. 3G networks are not quite there yet but it won’t be long.
I blogged on here a couple of years ago that the original iPhone was a shadow of future models and that is true as we have seen not only extra models added but the introduction of the app store took the iPhone to a new level. This is to a certain extent being emulated with the launch of ovi store for nokia devices and the number of apps for symbian devices such as N97 & Samsung phones that are on the net. If this can be built upon then the device can be a successful alternative to the iPhone.
Gonna go now just had a text message with Man Utd’s full time score and there is a video highlight to watch.


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