An Island in the sun

11 years ago just before my wife and I married we along with a friend organised a Young Single Adult Camping covention for the Church of Jeus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) on the Isle of Wight.

We entitled it the Island in the Sun convention and true to form it rained.
Today we were back on the Island today for the first time together since we struck the camp in July 1998.
We were talking about the fun we had in organising it and the last minute change in plans due to the weather. It forced us to change the planned raft race to a pool party, the bouncy castle was pulled in the marquee and the largest game of “moose moose” I have ever particpated in. Now I am sure we are looking back on the convention with rose tinted glasses somewhat but we had a good time and I think most who attended did also.
In a way it is probably a good job it did rain as looking back I am not sure we were ready for the raft race. I think a bit of divine protection was being afforded us that day.
What I did find is that in the fabled Internet archive the website for the convention can still be accessed.

Ahh the early days of HTML…….

As I said today we were back on the Isle of Wight as a family, the first time we had been able to do so since I was called as Stake President and a decade and four children later it was good to back. I have been over to the island a number of times in the callings I have held for the last few years but to go across with my family was a bit more special. Church services went really well and the Saints of the area were in good spirits. It was good to be there and not be rushed which is often the case when trying to adhere to ferry timetables. Today as we were taking the car we had booked on an evening ferry so we could make a day of it, we took a picnic so we could enjoy the sun. Today was really an island in the sun with a beautiful sunset over the west Wight finishing the evening.


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