A day of Service Saturday 27th June – Mormon Helping Hands Day

PRESS RELEASE: 29th June 2009

Sewing bags for the emergency kits
Sewing bags for the emergency kits


Local Church members participate in National Day of Service


Running excitedly into the room Elizabeth aged 7 announces “we need 3 more children’s bags making and then we are finished.” A cheer rises from the room of 16 whirling sewing machines, where members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had been working for over 3 hours on the hot sunny Saturday of June 27th 2009. Her mother picks up the Winnie the Pooh material which has been cut to size in the cutting room opposite and sets to work.

Over twenty other children like Elizabeth buzzed around passing out material, checking the contents of the bags and making small board rubbers that could be placed in the bags allocated for children.

 Following a recommendation from the local MP  over 100 members of the Church joined forces with local businesses and organisations in providing domestic violence shelters across south Hampshire and west sussex with emergency packs for those being forced out of their homes either over night or on a more permanent basis.


On the day, 200 drawstring bags were cut, sewn, threaded and carefully packed, ready for distribution to refuge centres across the south.


In a related project, united with the common cause of helping the community, members of the Church on the Isle of Wight assisted the rangers of Afton Marsh in clearing and rebuilding 110m of footpath using up the five tonne of crushed limestone provided in 3 hours. 


These service projects were part of a national day of service organised by the Church of Jesus Christ entitled Mormon Helping Hands Day. 

 Reflecting on the day, Mark Gilmour, President of the Portsmouth Stake, a division of the Church covering 6 congregations commented “As a Church we are encouraged to be anxiously engaged in a good cause, often this is reflected in individual acts of service quietly done in the background. Every now and again we have the opportunity to participate in larger projects in the wider community. We thank local businesses such as Tesco, Kinetika, MoltenBrown, Carnival group who donated goods and materials to fill the emergency packs and the Isle of Wight Rangers at Afton Marsh who provided the opportunity for us to help”


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