Has the iPhone spawned a better generation of phones?

Almost a year to the day, I posted on this blog a quote I have found from Time magazine

Quote: “But when that day is over, Apple’s iPhone is still the best thing invented this year. Why? Five reasons:

  1. The iPhone is pretty
  2. It’s touchy feely
  3. It will make other phones better
  4. It’s not a phone, it’s a platform
  5. It is but the ghost of iPhones yet to come.  “

Click on the link to read the full article http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,1678581,00.html

I’d like to return to a couple of those points namely:

  1. it will make other phones better
  2. it is but the ghost of better iPhones yet to come

It will make other phones better:  It’s been over a year on international markets so how have Apples competitors in this market responded. 
In no particular order the following come to mind:

  • Samsung Omnia
  • HTC Touch & the operator branded versions
  • RIM Blackberry Storm
  • Palm Treo pro & Centro
  • Nokia N96
  • SonyEricsson Xperia X1
  • Google G1

No doubt handsets are getting better! is it a result of the iPhone being on the market? Possibly. 

The second point about it being a ghost of iPhone’s to come, well the 3G was released recently and this is by all accounts a better, quicker, smoother device. Even the iPod Touch is rumoured to be due an upgrade in hardware. 

Time will tell, but the first year seems to be showing signs that the iPhone has indeed changed the mobile handset/internet market.


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