Apple IPhone – but it’s not 3G

It’s hot in the news at the moment, Apple launched their first mobile phone on Tuesday, the IPhone. 

““iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone, We are all born with the ultimate pointing device—our fingers—and iPhone uses them to create the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse.”  Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple (picture credit

Personally I am just not sure…..  how can it be five years ahead when the method of delivery for it’s services are based on a technology that is five years behind.   The fact that is going to be limited to GPRS or EDGE which is essentially 2.5G means that the download rates are not going to even get close to possible download speeds of PDA phones such as the Motorola A1000 ( a now defunct phone on UK 3G markets) or the Nokia E61.  Of course that is before we consider HSDPA capable phones such as LG’s new Chocolate 3G phone.  That can support high speed download up to 1.8mbps. 

Having read through a lot of the press releases on the IPhone, I am impressed by the list of features that it is reported to have, but and this is a big but, it will only be as reliable as the mobile network behind it for it’s internet services.  Applications such as Google maps or  Yahoo! Mail work now on phones, 3Uk launched X Series late last year.  All that is needed is a mobile web browser.  Opera do one as a free download.    It’s saving grace is it’s WIFI compatability, but the nokia has that aswell along with a number of PDA phones.

The thing is when Apple do something, they generally tend to do it well and that is the key.  The package looks good even if when one delves there isn’t an awful lot that’s new.  Of course for music it should be excellent, lets face it the Ipod just works and works well.

Now the crunch question do I want one?- well yes. It looks great and having all the features together will be great Will I get one?- No.  I won’t end up getting one as it doesn’t support 3G services, kinda feel what’s the point….

 Full specifications can be found on Apple’s website.  including the keynote address by CEO Steve Jobs.  Other reviews at, mobile whack , hands on review at t3 here and here

This is also a very fun site where they have been discussing and coming up with their own Iphone prototypes for the last 3 or 4 months.  Some very interesting designs…………………………… 

5 thoughts on “Apple IPhone – but it’s not 3G

  1. Mark The Chubbster Many thanks for commenting.
    I would really like you to move that discussion on a bit. I think you are right with regards to the User Interface and the look. But do you not feel that a phone that looks to promise so much needs the network behind it to support the features. High Speed Downloads etc are just not possible on GPRS or EDGE, for this you need at least 3G and HSDPA going forward.
    I had a look through your website which I really like by the way. I was interested in the remark on your website that you think this a “Totally amazing breakthrough in Technology” I genuinely would like to know where do you think the breakthrough is?

  2. Don’t worry.. it’s 3G now 😉

    I know, this is a pointless and out of date comment.. but I couldn’t resist (I never knew the 1st Gen iPhone wasn’t 3G.. that’s shockingly bad.. no wonder a 3G version has launched within a shot time)

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