3’s Xseries launch and the products on trial….

3 Uk’s new data product line up X Series. see three.co.uk 


This isn’t new news at all but it has been a busy couple of months for me.  On the 16th Novemeber 3UK launched the X Series product.  It’s not new but it is clever… why because it is a flat fee for access, no more paying per mb or GPRS bundle and it starts at £5 a month. 

 So what can one do if you have subscribed to the Xseries product.  

  • Unlimited Windows Live Messenger* already included in your price plan
  • Unlimited Skype to Skype calls*
  • Unlimited data* to use on:
    • Web surfing (Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Go)
    • Mobile Mail (Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and other ISPs)
    • Podcasts
  • eBay – Free in your price plan
  • Unlimited access* to Slingbox &/or Orb
  • What does the * mean, well going through the terms and conditions on the 3 Website, the unlimited access is subject to a fair use policy, which includes 1GB download  per month, 10000 Windows Live messenger, 5000 Skype minutes, 80 hours on Orb and slingbox.  Worth reading through the full terms and conditions on 3’s website. See this link   and also visiting the Xseries blog where it goes into it a little more

    Having seen the Orb and Slingbox service in use, it is very good.  How much one would use it is another matter.

    Useful Links on this subject

     BBC News Website article and also video clip


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