Nokia N73 Phone Review on

Been a busy month for me recently and so I have not had the chance to update all my blogs.  But the review for the Nokia N73 dropped into my inbox last week and I thought it would be well worth pointing you in it’s direction.  Full review can be found by clicking here

The N73 is a nicely designed handset from a general usability point of view, with the exception of those vertical shortcut buttons which are a bit of a pain. The camera is very good, though as ever better outdoors than in. All in all, this is quite a pleasant little handset. 

On the whole I agree with the general sentiments of the review, which as with any review is a statement of opinion. 

n73.jpgThere are a couple of things that I would pick up on, first of all the design.  The design is such that it just feels right as a phone, this phone seems to be in the vain of classic phone designs like the 2100, 5100, 6100.   The workhorse phones of their generations, whether it is as robust as them time will tell. 

Secondly the camera is of a very high quality for a phone and well protected by the slide cover on the back. 

Thirdly a downside which I find annoying and annoyed me about the n70 also.  The positioning of the menu key.  This is a key that is used a great deal and is tucked down the side which I find not easily accessible.  It is a bit of a minor gripe but it does annoy me.  I am a fan of the easy to hit menu key as on the 6280 or such handsets. 

Another plus point for this is that 3 Uk have launched it on their network and shows their commitment to maintaining a varied portfolio of handsets.  With some exciting and interesting phones in the pipeline it could be an interesting festive period.


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