News Roundup – TyTN Review, ITV on 3, QTEK 9000 launch imminent, New HSDPA handset

Having been away diving in Scapa Flow this last week, here is a quick roundup of news that has appeared in my inbox over the last few days. 

HTC TyTN Review – Even though I don’t believe this phone will be used on the 3 Network, as there still has been no press release on this, I thought readers would be interested to know that have got their hands on one and have written a phone review.  Their verdict is it is very good for mobile email, with it’s highly useable keyboard even though the phone is relatively small in size, however they comment on it’s weight. 

Quote “The TyTN is a good all round 3G capable Windows Mobile Pocket PC. It should suit business users and those who need a lot of information at their fingertips… ”

Full Review at

ITV on 3 (from Press Release)

Charles Allen, Chief Executive of ITV said:

“We are delighted that we are teaming up with 3 to be the first terrestrial broadcaster in the UK to launch this kind of service. This is a bold new service from ITV and 3 which makes the ambition of fully streamed mobile TV a reality. Today is a real milestone in the development of TV on the go and with ITV’s new broadband channel coming soon, viewers will be able to access ITV’s great content wherever, whenever, and however they choose.”

Bob Fuller, Chief Executive of 3 said:

“This partnership with ITV is a natural next step for 3 as we continue to build a complete mobile platform that meets all of our customers’ communication and entertainment needs on the move. It offers the first true mainstream experience of mobile television and adds a new dimension to the traditional way our customers watch television. 3 and ITV have demonstrated clearly how an innovative approach to television can create new services and commercial models, which is an exciting prospect for broadcasters, advertisers and audiences.”

ITV 1 and ITV Play will be available on 3’s mobile TV platform from Early Autumn. 

QTEK 9000 Ready to launch – Also this week, are now reporting that the QTEK 9000 is ready to roll on 3.  Full report here. This follows on from my post 2 weeks ago that it is on 3’s website but showing it as coming soon. 

Samsung unveil new Slim HSDPA handset  ” Samsung is reinforcing its technology leadership with the launch of HSDPA handset (model: SGH-Z560). As a market innovator, Samsung has introduced the world’s first HSDPA phone (model: SGH-ZV50) into France and Italy in early June. With the launch of a slim HSDPA phone which was unveiled at 3GSM 2006, Samsung will continue to deliver new HSDPA models in various styles and features. ” .. The Z560 has been launched in France and Germany and will be released in other European countries shortly.

Full report at


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