Nokia E61 review

nokiae61hand.jpgFollowing on from my blog post last week about 3 launching the Nokia E61 on the UK network, the 3g News website have posted a review of the phone and it’s functions. 


Obviously cramming a reasonable mini keyboard and relatively large screen into a pocket sized device means it needs to be bigger than the average handset, and in fact not surprisingly the E61 is about BlackBerry sized. It has 64MB of built in memory for you to fill, and supports miniSD cards if you need more. Nokia has put the card slot under the battery cover but not under the battery, so you can hotswap cards if necessary.

Battery life is important on a device you intend to carry around, and Nokia reckons you can get up to nine and a half hours of GSM talktime, up to five hours of 3G. This should be enough to get even the busiest of executives through an overnight trip without lugging a charger around with them.

 Overall the opinion of those at is that this is a pretty good handset , to read the full handset review click here


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