Nokia N92 in Sweden Mobile TV DVB-H trial

n92.jpgI read with interest this morning an article from regarding another DVB-H trial, this time a city wide pilot in Stockholm, Sweden.  The purpose of this trial is to ascertain the perceptions and feedback of the general public to mobile TV. 

The handset of choice for the trial is the nokia N92.  The mobile TV technology seems to be gathering pace across Europe and the Far East with trials and pilots taking place from Oxford Uk, to Hong Kong in China.

 “We strongly believe in the capability of the DVB-H technology as well as in the mobile TV service, and we are looking forward to presenting the full potential and interest of broadcast mobile TV in Sweden,” says Sigurd Leth, Multimedia Director for Nokia Nordic.

Quote: DVB-H technology complements existing operator networks, optimizing capacity and quality. It offers consumers the chance to enjoy high quality terrestrial digital broadcasts along with voice telephony and internet access all in a single device. Broadcast mobile TV will offer new business opportunities for mobile service providers, content and broadcast companies, infrastructure and handset manufacturers as well as technology providers – full article at


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