New Calling – New Responsibilities

A couple of weeks ago, I was released from my calling as a counsellor on the Bishopric in Winchester and asked to serve in a different capacity.  This new calling is as a Stake High Councillor with responsibilities for Family History and another ward unit in the stake.

Amongst other things, I have responsibility to oversee what is happening at the three family history centres that the Church operates in our stake, which is quite an eye opener for me.  I have not had much involvement with Family History before but I am trying to get up to speed very quickly.  Today I was over on the Isle of Wight visiting the ward there and their family history centre to see how it is used and what can be done there.  The resources available to the church are quite extensive and I am finding more and more out about this.  As part of our family website we have been working on a family history section which can be found @ .  As this builds up it will build a picture of the important family names in our family and hopefully a little history. 


2 thoughts on “New Calling – New Responsibilities

  1. That sounds good to me. I am an Australian looking at the Isle of Wight connection for my husband. His great grandfather Isaac White owned the Crown Inn in the 1881 census. It was in the family for some years and was thaken over by Isaac’s son, Frederick. I am trying to establish when the Inn was bought by the White family and also when it was sold.
    So yes… anything that helps people find their family beginings bring people together in amazing ways.
    My research has sparked my interest in the Isle of Wight as whole, it’s history and potential as a holiday destination.

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