Have you been receiving World Cup alerts?

Reading the article on the LG trial in Germany for the world cup got me thinking about how the mobile industry here is taking advantage.  And to be honest it seems a little weak.  Where are the posters or the TV ads promoting the goal alerts, text messaging or daily news features which are there……  did you know that 3 uk and T-mobile are giving away some of these services for free. 

A quick browse of 3’s website shows the World Cup Mobile TV channel, video highlights,  mms are all free to existing subscribers in a bid to promote the technologies. Users can subscribe to video goal alerts delivered within minutes after a goal has been scored.  

 T-mobile’s world cup website also highlights their free sms messaging to ALL networks. Also they are offering free video highlights and news.  Their goal alert package like 3’s is charged. 

So are these being fully exploited, I dunno, there doesn’t appear to be any adverts on the TV in the ad breaks during the games and T-mobile are official partners to FIFA.   Is the UK mobile market missing a golden opportunity……


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