More on the LGu900/v9000 3g Handset

lgv9000.jpgOver the weekend I received into my inbox the latest edition of the newsletter and it goes to prove what a large media/advertising event the World Cup is.  LG are using the opportunity to trial 400 of their v9000 handsets which look very similar to the u900 reported about back in March . 

The major difference between the two phones though appears to be the technology they are using for the Digital TV broadcasting.  Whereas the u900 uses DVB-H.  The article in newsletter talks of Terrestial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting or TDMB.   Quote: “DMB technology enables users to watch terrestrial broadcasts of the best image quality and talk on the phone simultaneously… see for the full article 

LG are creating some quite smart mobile TV handsets recently and forging ahead.  It seems that in the UK we are quite slow to be adopting this as a technology with none of the mobile operators seeming to be in any rush to tie up any deals with broadcast companies to get this technology out there. 

Picture courtesy of  Theres a bit more on the LGv9000 on including more pictures


10 thoughts on “More on the LGu900/v9000 3g Handset

  1. can the lgu900 be unlock and used in nigeria with nigeria sim card.

    My brother sent this very phone to me here in Nigeria but refusesd to work with all the sim cards I bought in Nigeria.

    We have auhuasted all avenue to unlock the phone but all effort proved abortived.

    Can you please funish me with the code on how to open it

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.


    Austine Igrarh

  2. hi, can this phone be unlocked here in the philippines?
    I’m keeping the phone for several months already but unfortunately still cannot use it.
    Please help…or any suggestions?

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