TV in your hand…… DVB-H versus 3G or does it compliment it…

The daily newsletter I get from contained an article last week regarding mobile TV.  This subject is quite interesting as I think this may be the killer application that is said is neccessary for 3G. 

extract from the article….

DVB-H is an interesting hybrid communications medium. Whilst a DVB-H compliant handset continues to rely on its CDMA, GSM, 3G or similar cellular network for voice, SMS and mobile Internet surfing, DVB-H allows the phone to receive its streamed TV `signals’ from an entirely separate broadcast network.

This overlay approach to DVB-H is the key to its success to date, as it means the cellular networks do not have to invest in upgrading their own network – they can rely on one or more third parties to roll out their own series of DVB-H transmitters

 For the full article go to 


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