A rant – Swearing in front of children.

On Saturday we had a incident in the car park of B&Q.  A neandethal male was having a go at some other guy who had possibly made a comment about him parking in a disabled space without a badge… (this could be a subject of another rant) but anyway the guy was f’ing and blinding at this other chap as I walked by with the children.

As it was quite a violent verbal onslaught I felt I had to say something to the effect of calm down mate please not in front of the children.  To my utter astonishment he started laying into me with more vicious and fairly disgraceful language that was worse than before.  I hurried the kids along towards the car, but this guy persisted. 

What shocked me the most is that this guy felt it was perfectly acceptable to carry on in such of way particularly in front of children.  One of his justifications in all his barrage of abuse, was that I did it so why shouldn’t he, it didn’t even occur to him that I didn’t and wouldn’t use such language or obscenity, especially not in front of my nor anybody elses children. 

I was a bit disheartened that I didn’t come back with any pithy response in that moment that would have shut him up but then I suppose when the guy was using the argument that he would butt me to prove his grasp of the english language then I suppose no response would shut him up. 

As we got back into the car, the children asked me why the guy was shouting and arguing so much, unfortunately I was unable to give them a satisifactory reply as to be honest I didn’t really know why. it is just such a shame that he couldn’t show any sort of restraint or respect for the innocence of children. 

Thankfully we live in a part of the country where we don’t have to encounter that type of a scum of a person everyday, it just makes me fear for the sort of the world that our children are growing up in.  


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