How about this phone? LG u900

What about this phone then (picture shamelessly stolen from so all photo credits to them)LG u900 Courtesy of

The new LGu900 phone which has a built in DVB-H receiver, meaning it should receive Digitial TV broadcasts- Question is in the UK does this mean Freeview.    3 Italy have taken it up for their portfolio, (see article )but no news as to 3 UK. also carrys a review of the features of the phone from the Cebit 2006 conference from last week.  Article Here

Quite fancy a go with this one if 3 Uk launch it. 


4 thoughts on “How about this phone? LG u900

  1. I will be going to Italy in July. If I bought this phone out there and brought it back to the UK would it pick up Freeview or is it just made for Italian TV ? Email me

  2. Response To Neil Egan:
    Neil, as I mentioned in the email, I doubt it would work in the UK as, as far as I am aware at this time there is no broadcaster of the required DVB-H signal for the phone to decode. But if anyone else knows different then please post a comment here and let us know. I for one would love to see these type of handsets make their way to the UK market.

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