HSDPA Downloads accelerated up to 4 times

This arrived in my inbox this morning from www.3g.co.uk

3G HSDPA Accelerated up to 4 times

The article touches on a very interesting point about HSDPA which is highlighted by Zeev Becker, Flash Networks’ Vice President of Research and Development. ….”The last thing operators want is to place huge investments in the radio network, only to find they can’t leverage the bandwidth because of latency and other issues. (Source 3g.co.uk)

Without the systems that sit behind the radio network being scaled to cope.The increase in traffic as a result of increased bandwidth to the handset or datacard will cause bottlenecks  causing delay which on a high speed link is more noticable.  Have you ever been on your home broadband or LAN connection and hit on a website only to find the connection extremely slow.  This is probably due to the available bandwidth to that website.  Even though one has broadband the link at that time is only as quick (or slow) as the slowest part of that data’s journey.  
By comparing the speed of HSDPA to Broadband in this article envitably it will lead one to compare costs.  Obviously being mobile demands a premium  but how much………


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