Interest in HSDPA – 3G

My interest has been sparked recently with the upcoming advent of HSDPA in the 3G networks.  In particular the impact on the transmission architecture that sits behind it.  I have been involved with the backbone or core transmission element of providing a 3G network since it’s inception in the UK and already we are talking about 3.5G, infact not just talking about it, it is here. 

Over at there are a number of articles on all things 3G but this article HSDPA Uptake Hinges on Pricing Strategies  has hit a bit of a cord with me. I think this is very much the croix of the matter.  If it is too expensive that nobody is going to use it.   The comparisions that make to the uptake with broadband I believe is very relevant.  As a consumer myself, the trade off between high speed and the cost to me, is still pertinent.  I would love to have the fastest home broadband out there, but do I need it.  Over the couple of years that I have had broadband market forces have brought the prices down.  For the price of 500K two or three years ago now one can enjoy 2mb or even 8 or 10mb.  Will this be the case with HSDPA aswell.  I imagine so, currently 3G will give 384kbps with HSDPA we are told speeds of up to 14mbps on the air interface will be achievable…


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